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About Us

About Us

Insitu Rework Solutions is a division of Insitu Containers Ltd. Founded in 2000, Insitu Containers was originally founded to provide a full service devanning solution to food and beverage importers in Auckland.

Whilst providing a devanning service to our clients it became apparent that there were often small issues with imported products that required attention – this included things like repacking promotional product into new cartons, providing a labelling process for non-compliant barcodes and lot code application to some shipper cartons. Although initially this was for small quantities of products, as the shift to offshore manufacturing reduced the amount of local production, there became more and more call for this type of work to be undertaken.

Our ability to provide rework at point of entry meant we could devan and then provide our clients with fully saleable products upon check-in. No need to double handle, pick multiple times or cart the product off site.

From these small beginnings, rework increasingly became a more important function for our clients. The nature of the competitive FMCG industry meant an efficient and effective solution to rework was paramount. With the wider range of rework required to satisfy both our one-off and regular clients a divisional distinction was necessary – hence the origin of Insitu Rework Solutions.

Today, we cover a wide range of industries and solutions - from removing bottle labels, providing quality assurance to a hundred pallets of stock, assembling thousands of promotional gift packs or designing, printing and applying new barcodes to new products. Our team does it all.

If your company has a problem that requires an effective and efficient solution contact our team.