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Our Services

Our Services


We offer a range of labelling, relabelling and overlabelling services. With a number of different labelling machines including over head labellers, side labellers and wrap bottle / jar labellers we can provide automated, semi-automated and hand application services. Typically these depend on the nature of the label, the product and exactly what is required to apply the label successfully to your product. Our team routinely handle a range of packed products - including jars, bottles, vacuum packs, cartons and bags.


Changing pack size, reconfiguring product or swapping out old packaging materials is common in FMCG. Glued, taped, plastic film or other mediums are all fine for us to handle to repack your products. We can supply materials if requested or work with your usual providers to receive packaging and undertake these types of projects.

Promotional Assembly

Building a promotional pack for summer? Packing machines with product samples ex-factory? Combining six products into a single pack for a sampling campaign? Pallet display assembly and fulfilment? These are all capabilities we have. Whether it is a few hundred sample packs for national conference or a full push to market of thousands, we can assemble and pack these for you.

Quality Services

Inspecting glass, looking for damaged items, missing production components or check weighing. We have the solution to the problem. We can design innovative solutions to problems so that our teams deliver efficient, effective and repeatable results for all manner of quality issues. Full tracking of product, batch and fault quantity can be tracked to allow you to run a detailed root cause analysis.

Collate and Courier

Need to send out the latest samples to your merchandisers or up and down the country to your grocery customer? We can assimilate, pack, and courier what you need to the end location. Provide us with the details and we will handle the process start to finish reporting back on any non-deliveries and following up if need be. We also handle brochure pack and send and other general post mail outs - a mail house might scoff at a small run of these, we just say 'can do'.

Shrink Sleeve Application

A brand new service - we have shrink sleeve applicators and steam tunnels to provide an effective contract sleeve process for you. Printed sleeves, plain sleeves, small or large ask us if we can help before you invest in equipment you might use a few times a year. This service is available for bottles, cans, jars and canisters.

Ink Jet Coding

We can offer a variety of video ink jet coding solutions for printing black or white text onto glass, cans, jars and/or most packaging material, choose the best solution for your needs.

Plastic Film Application

Bundle film/plastic film applications is the perfect solution to securing or resecuring product trays or in plastic bundles. A shrink process which applies and shrinks plastic film to the product. Some customers have used this to create 2 x 6 packs into 1 x 12 pack or to simply provide a tertiary layer of packaging to their product for safe and secure shipping.